Peer Review Process

The authors who submit manuscripts for publication agree to undergo a reviewing process. All submitted manuscripts are first subjected to editorial review, and, subsequently, peer review by experts.
The submitted manuscripts will not be sent to reviewers representing the authors’ institutions, or to persons who can be in conflict of interest with the authors. All reviews are confidential and anonymous. The reviewers may not use the content of the manuscript before its publication.
The manuscript is given an editorial number for identification at all stages of the editorial process. The author is notified about the reviews and corresponds with the Editor of the journal concerning remarks or qualification of the study for printing.
The final decision about publishing the manuscript is made by Editor-in-Chief.
All submitted papers are subject to strict double-blind peer-review process by at least two international reviewers that are experts in the area of the particular paper. The factors that are taken into account in a review are as follows:
  1. Compatibility with the scope of the TRENDS in Sport Sciences 
  2. Elements of novelty and originality       
  3. Scientific and/or practical value of the article
  4. Ethic requirements
  5. Abstract depicting of the entire article
  6. Material and design of the experiments
  7. Methodology and statistics
  8. Credibility and importance of results
  9. Presentation of data (necessary tables and figures)
  10. Discussion and interpretation of results
  11. Conclusions logically justified by the evidence adduced
  12. Selection of up-to-date references
Of these, the main factors taken into account are significance and originality.

The possible decisions include:
  1. Accept
  2. Accept after minor corrections
  3. Re-evaluate after major revision
  4. Reject
Articles that are often rejected include those that are poorly written or organized or are written in poor English. If authors are encouraged to revise and resubmit a submission, there is no guarantee that the revised submission will be accepted. Rejected articles will not be re-reviewed. Articles may be rejected without review if the Editor-in-Chief considers the article obviously not suitable for publication.  

Reviwers in 2018:

Aguiar de Souza Vinicius  Japan
Ahmetov Ildus Russian Federation
Arazi Hamid Iran
Balkó Štefan Czech Republic
Boraczyński Michał  Poland
Born Phillip Germany
Bronikowska Małgorzata Poland
Bronikowski Michał Poland
Brzeziańska-Lasota Ewa Poland
Carboch Jan Czech Republic
Cięszczyk Paweł Poland
Contro Valentina Italy
Czarny Wojciech Poland
Divanoglou Anestis Iceland
Ferenc Ihasz   Hungary
Ginevičienė Valentina  Lithuania
He Zihong China
Karolkiewicz Joanna Poland
Kist Cesar Brasil
Kozina Zhanneta  Ukraine
Laparidis Costas Greece
Lipińska Patrycja Poland
Massidda Myosotis  Italy
Maszczyk Adam Poland
Mataruna Leonardo Brasil 
Murawska-Ciałowicz  Eugenia Poland
Petr Miroslav Czech Republic
Pluta Beata Poland
Proia Patrizia Italy
Ramos Oscar Romero Spain
Sahaj Tomasz Poland
Sawczuk Marek Poland
September Alison South Africa
Spieszny Michał Poland
Stastny Petr Czech Republic
Stojiljković Stanimir Serbia
Tomczak Maciej Poland
Vujkov Sandra    Serbia
Yilmaz Semih Turkey
Zieliński Jacek Poland